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Vercel DNS Adapter

Reference doc for the `sst.vercel.dns` adapter.

The Vercel DNS Adapter is used to create DNS records to manage domains hosted on Vercel.

This adapter is passed in as domain.dns when setting a custom domain; where is hosted on Vercel.

domain: {
name: "",
dns: sst.vercel.dns()

Configure provider

  1. To use this component, add the @pulumiverse/vercel provider to your app.

    Terminal window
    sst add @pulumiverse/vercel
  2. If you don’t already have a Vercel Access Token, follow this guide to create one.

  3. Add a VERCEL_API_TOKEN environment variable with the access token value. If the domain belongs to a team, also add a VERCEL_TEAM_ID environment variable with the Team ID. You can find your Team ID inside your team’s general project settings on the Vercel dashboard.





Returns Object



Type Input<string>

The domain name in your Vercel account to create the record in.

domain: ""


Type Object

Transform how this component creates its underlying resources.


Type DnsRecordArgs | (args: DnsRecordArgs => void)

Transform the Vercel record resource.